Asaf Samuel ( Malka Tuti/ Barcelona)
A Strange Wedding live (Positive Education / St. Etienne)
Baba Stiltz (Public Possession / Stockholm)
Bartellow (Public Possession / Munich)
Cønfetti & Jules Gaardls (Deepthings / Paris)
Die Wilde Jagd live (Correspondant / Berlin)
Fez (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
FJAAK DJ-Set (Monkeytown / Berlin)
Flo Scheuer (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Gilb’R (Versatile / Amsterdam)
John Talabot (Hivern Discs / Barcelona)
Katzele (Malka Tuti/ Berlin)
Khidja live (Malka Tuti / Bucharest)
La Staab (Blitz Music Club / Munich)
Lena Willikens (Salon des Amateurs / Cologne)
Les Fils de Jacob (Positive Education / St. Etienne)
LHF Squad (Lighthouse Festival / Vienna)
Max Vincent (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Michal Zietara (Wilde Renate / Berlin)
Obalski live (Public Possession / Munich)
OKO DJ (BFDM / Paris)
Paramida (Love on the Rocks / Berlin)
Psaum (La Chinerie / Toulouse)
Tijana T (Dystopian / Belgrade)
Siriusmo (Official Site) (Monkeytown / Berlin)
Walter Wolff (Pappendisko / Munich)
Vactrol Park live (Malka Tuti / London)
VELI x VIWO (Monticule Racing Team / Munich)
Yannic Bartel (Monticule Racig Team / Munich)
Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape / Munich)

And more TBA…

Infos Pratiques


Domaine de Gayfié, 46260 Saint-Jean-de-Laur

Dear people,

Spring is around the corner and likewise the program of Monticule Festival 2018 is starting to bloom. Over half of the tickets is already gone and we are quite optimistic to report another sold-out edition not far in the future. Still strictly limited to a very small number of people, Monticule Festival 2018 takes place from 20th to 24th of June atop our little hill in South-West
of France, sporting a gorgeous vista across the enchanting landscape and small towns of the Lot Valley.
Since our inception it has been the ambition to culminate life’s best elements together and to provide a diverse program of multifarious electronic music, engaging activities, Yoga, cave tours, astronomy lessons, massages, and culinary delights – with a focus on local specialties. Beverages from regional producers will also be on hand to help you take on the heat with vigour should our pool sports fall short of keeping you cool.

Following our programming direction of previous years, Monticule has put out the call to spiritual warriors from it’s befriended high-energy collectives. With a strong core of French and German performers backed by guest producers and DJs from all over the globe, we will fill our four stages with a broad range of elements explored in electronic music. Sliding from Ambient to Disco, and Trance-not-Trance to Techno, our extended crew will bring something for everyone. 


En cours…