Make It Deep #102 – The club culture in the 90’s with Patrick Vidal, Fabrice Gadeau and Eric Labbé

Tuesday, October 10th, we recorded the 102nd Make It Deep radio show. New format, new contents, music, branded guests and a theme: (re) discover Make It Deep ! The topic this week : the club culture in the 90’s with our guests Fabrice Gadeau, boss of the Rex Club, Patrick Vidal, already DJ at the time at the Palace and today at Les Bains and Eric Labbé, activist of the French night and at the origin of the petition “Paris: when the night dies in silence”.

To become what defines it, the club culture feeds on the manifestations it produces. And how to define a phenomenon in constant evolution? It is first admitted that the club culture is a demand and a habit, maintained by its main actor, the clubber. What characterizes it is the music, dematerialized object and incarnated by the DJ. What determines it is the desire to share this music with a community with similar tastes in the same place where it is possible to express oneself freely through dance (drugs and alcohol depending on the periods of time). history) and meetings.

A bit of history to resituate this theoretical definition: In New York in the 70s, David Mancuso was doing disco nights every week in his Loft. The regulars were Larry Levan or Frankie Knuckles and the guy had thought of a sound system at home thanks to a friend acoustician. What discotheques of the time have retained and applied within their walls is a format, music and a phenomenon of membership maintained by a public applicant. Finally, the Paradise Garage, the Studio 54 or the Tunnel have allowed the latter, the public, to enjoy real holidays little by little become commercialized.

While there were already so-called institutional clubs in the late 70’s, until the late 90’s, electronic music had to take on a nomadic or even illegal form to escape bans and repression. Today, the very notion of rave party is a memory, a nostalgia that motivates new generations, used to dance and party legally and securely.

So what is the club culture in the 90s? The answer with our guests Eric Labbé, Fabrice Gadeau and Patrick Vidal.

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